Skinmate Squalene Carrot Soap

Carrot Soap

SKINMATE Carrot Soap is very rich in Vitamin A coming from a naturally extracted carrot plants.

Product Description

Skinmate Squalene Carrot Soap

SKINMATE Carrot Soap is very rich in Vitamin A coming from a naturally extracted carrot plants. Vitamin A’s important function includes tissue differentiation, general growth, visual function and reproduction.


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    Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.
    juventus trøje

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      Okay po thanks

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    Hi I used the CARROT SOAP to wash my face and I love it so much! It makes my pores unrecognizable and it made my skin very glowy in a way that it is not oily. I chose it because I believe that it heals wounds easily, of course my aid to the peeling. During the night I’m using the skinmate shark oil (the white one) and it really cleared up my face. The pimples, the marks, all gone. Yes, a part of it was the PEELING process and sometimes it hurts but for me it’s bearable but it’s fine. Then when it is peeling I just use my favorite moisturizer. At first it showed up everything, my pimples, the imperfections of my face but I did not gave up and kept using the product until after my first week I’ve seen so much difference, my skin is very beautiful already. Closed pores, glowy skin. I’m so thankful that I’ve seen this product I hope that they will discover it too. Kutis like ARTISTA!

    Always remember, be patient! Be strong because beauty hurts.

    How did I use the products?
    Carrot soap in the morning
    Moisturizer (EVERYDAY)
    Carrot soap in the evening then Skinmate shark oil (EVERY OTHER NIGHT)
    Fav. Moisturizer (EVERYDAY)

    sheinmacariola (IG) ask me

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      Wow! Thank you so much maam for trusting our products,we are so much happy coz alam mo talaga kung paano ang right way na pag gamit, we will post your beautiful feedback to our page on facebook. Again THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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    I would like to ask lang po kung may skin-mate product for the underarm ?

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      Im so sorry pro wala pa po kami,pero meron den po kaming lotion,only 118 lang po.

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    Meron ba nito sa Mercury drugs

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    Hi! I’m using skinmate shark oil for 2 weeks now then today lang ako gumamit ng carrot soap. Is it normal ba na super hapdi niya and parang nasestretch yung face ko?

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    hi! mawawala po ba yung whiteheads and blackheads when I use this products? as well as my pores? thank you!

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      Hi Angela, yes it is effective in dealing with black and whitehead. It also minimizes pore openings.

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    hello po. is it ok na carrot soap for facial wash and then tapos mag lagay agad nang shark oil?

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      Hi Kimberly, skinmate products complement each other so yes you can use them, one after the other.

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    Is it okay if i use this for my body? Not my face?

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      Hi Aubrey, Though SKINMATE products don’t contain harmful ingredients. Sensitivities of your skin greatly differ on face and body parts. While it is generally safe to use it, your body may get irritated. The only way to find out sensitivities of SkinMate Shark Oil on your body skin is to test it first.

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    Hi Just wanna ask if its ok to use carrot soap with the derma soap Im using? like using derm soap in the morning while carrot soap in the evening? or It is best to use twice a day? appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

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      Hi Ann, it should be alright to do so. 🙂

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    I have thin skin po. Ndi po ba to nakakaburn or nakakanipis lalo ng balat?

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      hi cristina,

      if you say that you have thin skin, might as well test first your sensitivities to avoid burns and irritations.


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    okay lang po ba na carrot soap ang gamitin wala ng toner at yung iba pa?

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      Hi Abigail! It is advisable to use our SkinMate products in set to achieve best result, however if you decide to use it as stand alone, it is ok.

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    is skinmate safe for pregnant and lactating mother?

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      Though SKinMate products don’t contain harmful ingredients, we strongly suggest you consult your physician before using our products while you’re pregnant.

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    how much po yung carrot soap ninyo???

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      P 52.00 🙂

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