SkinMate Shark Oil

Shark Oil

SKINMATE SHARK OIL effectively treats pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and other skin blemishes such as freckles and age spots. SKINMATE SHARK OIL guarantees to whiten darkened and burnt skin caused by excessive use of harsh whitening agents.


Product Description

SKINMATE SHARK OIL effectively treats pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and other skin blemishes such as freckles and age spots. SKINMATE SHARK OIL guarantees to whiten darkened and burnt skin caused by excessive use of harsh whitening agents.

Why effective?

Because SKINMATE SHARK OIL, has an active ingredients made of pure fish oil and that’s very rich of vitamin A that helps removes dead skin and blemishes allowing new skin cells to dominate making it important function of SKINMATE SHARK OIL, it prevents melanin compound from producing brown pigment on the skin that causes darkening. Result will be a whiter skin in just seven (7) days.


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    I’ve just applied this product on my face last night and my face already started to peel from the sides. But as I was applying it, the oil gave me a stinging sensation but it wasn’t strong. Though it was stinging it was very tolerable. Is this normal? Does this mean the product is working? I used to have numerous pimples on my face but I managed to treat them all. But the pimples left these red/brown spots on my face and that’s what I’m trying to get rid of. Will this product really help peel/fade these spots on my face left from my pimples?

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      Yes maam, this product really work, and can help you to get rid of your problem to your face, the reaction you feel is normal, after you apply the shark oil, Apply the placentacream to make it normal, to make you feel comfortable,placenta cream and shark oil are partners po talaga, dont bother if your pimples getting worse after 2weeks you applied coz the shark oil help you to get out all the germs hidden on your face, specially the pimples, didnt go out yet, the shark oil will let them out,just continue using coz you will the amazing result after 1month #TiisGanda Lang po

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    My doctor recommended this product to me to help aid my acne marks, brown dark spots, left by pimples. I also have a few black heads on my nose and whiteheads on my cheek. I’ve just applied a thin layer of the the product in my face and it’s starting to itch and sting but it’s tolerable. Is this normal? Will it really help clear up my face? I’m currently on my 2 week holiday vacation so I’m not worried about my face peeling off.. I’ve heard several complaints about the product worsening their acne problems but I’m also pairing this product with a couple of other products to minimize further breakouts: Pond’s anti acne face wash, benzoyl peroxide gel, and acne fighting soaps.. I just hope my face would get better in time for school…

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      Hi anne, yes the peeling process,reddish,itchy or whatever you feel is normal, thats the normal reaction if you are using skinmate shark oil for begginers, did you use the shark oil original?the white one? If that so you can also use the placenta cream original the white one also, that helps you feel mild, the reddish will gone, the itchy also specially the peeling,just continue using the product until its gone, you can see the successful younger looking and glowing skin after one month, just use the shark oil everynight to stop the peeling and the placenta cream everyday and night,.thanks #TIISGANDA

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    Nakakaloka tong skinmate shark oil. Nagkaroon kasi ako ng magandang experience, naging glowy yung skin ko tapos yung pores ko hindi na napapansi TAPOS yung lola ko pinakeelaman yung sabon ko na carrot soap at shark oil ko, nakakaloka pati skin ng lola ko naging glowy. Nakakatuwang isipin na kahit papano may pag asa parin pala. Sabi pa ng lola ko “Ang ganda naman ng sabon mo, nababanat ata ang muka ko?”

    sheinmacariola (IG) ask me

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      Hahaha kakatuwa naman kayo mag lola, salamat po talaga sa inyo, we hope all your family ma.satisfied po sa product namin. SALAMAT PO TALAGA NANG SOBRA.

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    Pwede po bang gumamit ng ibang cream bukod sa placenta?

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      Yes just make sure meron pong spf po

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    hi! just wanna ask if okay lang shark oil lang gamitin?I stopped using my previous set of beauty products kasi I noticed na mahapdi ung skin ko pag naarawan and namumula which is here please, thanks

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      Hello cathy, same as shark oil po, hahapdi dn po ang face nyo and mamumula, if mainitan kayo pero hindi naman siya nakakasunog yan ay kung shark oil LANG,ang gagamitin mo,pero kung my placenta cream po hindi ka po mamumula and hindi makakafeel nang hapdi kung gamitin mo ang placenta cream everyday and night after night shark oil, yung shark oil lang ang every other night.

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    im currently using the skinmmate soap,shark oil and placenta cream. okay lng po ba na wlang tonner?

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    Im planning to use this skinmate shark oil, i hear to my officemate that this is effective. But in my case i ask several person who is engage in a facial treatment shop and they told me na its not pimple but its allergy thou its look like a pimple. What will you suggest. Can i use this or not? Thank you.

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      If its pimples po maam you can use our products but, if its an allergy you should consult your doctor first po muna just to make sure lang po

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    Almost a month na kong gumagamit ng shark oil. Every nyt pra mapadali ang peeling ng dark spot or say the age spot. Kunti lng ang peeling at mostly sa side near the lips and ears lang. Yong gusto ko na mag peel hindi nabawasan. Ano ba dpat pa gawin.

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      Antayin nyo lang po na mag peel po siya mismo kung gusto nyo mag peel lahat po gawin nyo po nang every other night ang pag apply sa loob po nang isang linggo after nun everynight na pra mag stop na po yung peeling.

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    Hi! I’ve been using the Shark Oil and Placenta Cream for 9 days now. I suffer from blind pimples or pimples underneath the skin, mostly on my cheeks. I have clear skin on my forehead, nose and chin though. After a few days of use, naglabasan yung mga pimples ko all over, and I understand that skin purging is normal. Until now, small pimples are coming out. But, they dry up in a day, so it’s fine with me. The peeling naman happened on the 7th day. I can say that these products really work. I will just wait for the purging to pass. Besides, it says naman sa ibang comments na magiging okay din ang skin before mag one month. 🙂 I’ll buy the toner very soon.

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      Wow thankyou so much maam, for keep on using our products and yes,it is all worth it if mag TIIS GANDA po tayo,.Push lang po maam. Just continue using until maging okay po siya. WE ARE VERY MUCH THANKFUL MAAM. God Bless You po.

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    1 week ko na siyang ginagamit pero hindi parin nag pepeel yung face ko and feeling ko hindi na siya magpepeel kasi hindi na mahapdi pag nagaapply ako e. hindi ba effective pag ganun??

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      Pano po ang paraan nyo sa pag apply? Try nyo po gamitin every other night pra po mag peeling kayo

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    pwede po ba gamitin ng buntis 7 mos? sa scars pwede din sya? Ty.

    • :

      Yes po pwede po.

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    skinmate.shark oil at placenta cream panu po proper n.paggamit nun then ilan.beses po isang araw sna.magrespond kyu

    • :

      Use the skinmate shark oil every night po pra mapadali po ang reaction nya and lalo na sa peeling process mawala po agad siya, and after applying shark oil, apply the placenta cream po, use the placenta cream everyday and night po.

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