How to use Skinmate Products?

22 May

Wash or clean face with SKINMATE SOAP. Dry face well, apply SKINMATE FACIAL TONER then apply SKINMATE SHARK OIL, using fingertips. DO NOT RUB. Apply with very light pressure and in circular motion. NEVER use cotton when applying SKINMATE SHARK OIL as it irritate skin. Use SKINMATE SHARK OIL, every night for one (1) week. After applying SKINMATE SHARK OIL for one (1) straight week, you can now apply it every other night making it very economical.Apply SKINMATE PLACENTA CREAM right after applying SKINMATE SHARK OIL. At night, SKINMATE PLACENTA CREAM works as a skin moisturizer making skin smoother and softer while at rest.

After taking a bath, apply SKINMATE FACIAL TONER, then apply SKINMATE PLACENTA CREAM. SKINMATE PLACENTA CREAM protects the face from damaging sun as it acts as a sunblock on your skin. SKINMATE PLACENTA CREAM is also excellent as foundation for daily make-up.

SKINMATE PRODUCTS are perfect combination in attaining fairer, younger-looking and flawless skin.